Quality Control


All Employees have gone through an extensive training program both on the job and at off-site seminars, in Quality Control ISO 9001:2015 standards, Machining Techniques, Mathematical Integration, Gauge Reading, Print Identifying/Tolerances, CNC Control/Programming and on site safety training. All employees know how important it is for each and every part to be precisely accurate and meet the required specifiactions.

Workstation Inspection Equipment

Every machine workstation is equipped with all the necessary inspection equipment to allow operators to perform consistent and reliable in-process inspections, so that part after part is precisely accurate to the print. At Bartech Precision Machining Company quality is of the utmost importance.

Below is a partial list of the equipment at each workstation:

  • Surface Plate
  • Caliper
  • Bore Gage
  • ID/OD Thread Gages
  • Micrometers
  • Pin Gages
  • Concentricity Gages

Inspection Equipment

We have a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled inspection lab where all of our first article, first part and randomly selected part inspections are completed. All of our micrometers and gages are calibrated in the lab in accordance with our bi-monthly calibration schedule.

Our inspection equipment includes:

  • Master Gages and Standards
  • Fowler Trimos Vertical Height Gage
    - Resolution: .00005" and .001mm
  • Federal Formscan 6100
  • Surface Roughness Tester
  • Air Gages
  • Pin Gages
  • Bore Gages
  • Optical Comparator


Completed parts are submitted for final inspection. Final inspection and tests will be performed 100% or on a sample basis, whichever is applicable, at the completion of the manufacturing process prior to shipping. If required every order can include a certificate of conformance and a copy of the
final dimensional inspection report.